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20.03.2014 в 01:35
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TOKIO celebrates their 20th year! Best of album, summer rock festivals, and a nationwide tour!

It came out today that popular group TOKIO will be releasing a best of album entitled “HEART” this summer to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The songs on the album will be decided by fan vote, and following the album’s release, they will begin a 12-city nationwide tour. As if that wasn’t enough, they will also be taking on a feat that no other Johnny’s group has accomplished—participating in an outdoor rock music festival. Their 20th year will be quite the project indeed.

The preparations for TOKIO’s 20th anniversary project are already well on their way. Just recently the five of them have explained what exactly their project will entail. Nagase Tomoya (35) stated that “we want to give back to all of the people who’ve been there for us in the only way we can,” which is the meaning behind the title of the upcoming album “HEART.” Nagase himself also designed the logo for the album.

With 71 singles to choose from, coupling songs, and also their albums, there are 146 songs to choose from that fans will be able to put in their votes for. With this album, TOKIO themselves hope to become one with the heart and souls of their fans. Yamaguchi Tatsuya (42), expressed that “It all happens before you even realize it. One minute we debut, and the next we’ve got more kouhai than we can count and a long-running show to boot (such as NTV’s The! Tetsuwan! DASH!!). It’s almost like wow, look at where we’ve come these last 20 years.” Matsuoka Masahiro (37) also added that “there’ve been a lot of people who’ve stuck with us these past 20 years.”

Along with their album, TOKIO will be participating in a summer rock music festival, which is a first for any Johnny’s band. They will appear in both the “JOIN ALIVE” festival taking place on the 19th and 20th of July in Hokkaido in Iwamizawa Park, and “SUMMER SONIC,” which will take place in both Tokyo and Osaka on the 16th and 17th of August. The festivals will be full of music aficionados, but Leader Joshima Shigeru (43) remarks that he’s “really looking forward to playing in front of a different crowd.” Kokubun Taichi (39) adds that “it’ll be a big challenge, but we’re really thankful for the opportunity.”

TOKIO’s nationwide tour will begin in August and will go until November 2nd where they will have their final concert at the Nihon Budoukan in Tokyo. November 2nd is when the group had their very first live at this same venue 20 years ago, so it will be like a return home for the group in celebration of their 20th year. Back when they debuted, Nagase’s hot pants were a sight to burn into anyone’s memories, and he hints that they might make a comeback for this one-night only “revival.” Keep your grandmas on a leash—those money shots from long ago might just be reenacted before your very eyes …


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